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Thursday, 11 July 2019

ustrasana or camel pose - Benefits, steps or techniques and precautions

Ustra means a camel. Asana means pose. in this pose our body shape look like a camel so this yoga pose is called Ustrasana or camel pose yoga.

Benefits of Ustrasana or camel pose yoga

  • People with drooping shoulders and hunched backs will benefit by this asana.  

  • The whole spine is stretched back and is toned. 

  • This pose can be tired conveniently by the elderly and even by persons with spinal injury.

Steps and Techniques of Ustrasana yoga pose


Kneel on the floor, keeping the thighs and feet together, toes pointing back and resting on the floor.


Rest the palms on the hips. Stretch the thighs, curve the spine back and extend the ribs.


Exhale, place the right palm over the right heel and the left palm over the left heel. If possible, place the palms on the soles of the feet.


Press the feet with the palms  throw the head back and push the spine towards the thigh, which should be kept perpendicular to the floor.


Contract the buttocks and stretch the dorsal and the coccyx regions of the spine still further, keeping the neck stretched back.


Remain in this position for about half a minute with normal breathing.


Release the hands  one by one and rest them on the hips. Then sit on the floor and relax.


  • Person having low or high blood pressure and having any types of neck, back injury perform this yoga only on the present of yoga teacher

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